SB OverSeas is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to refugees and victims of conflict.
Our operations are divided into the following three activities: education, emergency aid and empowerment.
SB OverSeas works with refugees in two geographical focus areas: Lebanon and Belgium. In Lebanon, we distribute emergency aid and run educational and empowerment programs in our three centres based in Arsal, Beirut and Saida. In Belgium, we work with unaccompanied minors in order to foster integration in three reception and transit centres.


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What Are The Youth Doing? – a report from Beirut & Aarsal

Read our report on the youth living in the Beirut and Aarsal settlements, based on data collected through household surveys. The data was collected by SB OverSeas staff over the course of 2018. The total number of households surveyed was 548, representing 2,800  individuals. The data was collected in Shatila in Beirut and in several […]

‘Just Married’: How girls become wives

In this edition of the ‘Just Married’ series, storyteller Félix Brassier explains why young girls Syrian girls in refugee camps, like the Ouzaii shelter in Saida, leave their studies and dreams and become wives and mothers. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the […]

‘Just Married’: Faïza’s story

My name is Faïza. I’m 13 years old and I’m at the end of my life. Something is eating me from inside and the outside want to kill me.I can’t see nor the sun nor the people I love anymore. Read Faïza’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling of Félix Brassier. Since the beginning of 2018, we […]

Women in conflict, a discussion with the UN University

Women are not victims, and when empowered and included in peacekeeping operations, solutions are much more tangible and sustainable. This was the central message that resonated from a discussion on International Women’s Day at the UN University, of what could happen when women are given leadership roles in post-conflict situations and what can happen when […]

‘Just Married’: May’s Story

Before she even turned 18 years old, May had fled from violence twice in her life. The first time from war in Syria, and the second from her abusive mother-in-law after she got married. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the practice of […]

Inspiring Others to Believe in the Power of Their Ideas

By Maria Rosales, volunteer coordinator for SB OverSeas.             One of my favourite parts of being a Volunteer Coordinator is to meet others who are passionate about social change. Working with SB Overseas, I have the priviledge to meet persons whose motivation, creativity and dedication inspire me on a daily basis. We at SB recently […]


SB OverSeas began as community effort amongst concerned citizens in Brussels who decided to intervene in the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria.

As these efforts grew in involvement and impact, something became increasingly obvious: providing a safe environment for children was a short-term solution, but there was no long term hope for a generation of kids who had had their education interrupted by the war. It became clear that an entire generation of children were being left on the sidelines of society not equipped with the skills or opportunities to regain control of their lives. With this in mind, SB OverSeas opened its first school in Lebanon, home to over 1,5 million Syrian refugees.
Since opening our first school, we have expanded to having three schools in Shatila, Arsal and Saida. We have also expanded our programs to provide vocational courses to adults as well as empowerment courses to combat the increasingly prevalent practice of child marriage.
Our headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium where we coordinate these activities as well as running our SB Espoir project, a weekend integration program with unaccompanied minors living in asylum-seeker accommodation centres.
Soutien Belge OverSeas asbl is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation registered in Belgium on 8th May 2013.

Registration Number: BE 0533.981.634

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