Need for more legal support & psychological services for the adequate protection of young migrants in Brussels

As the year comes to a close we reflect on our what we’ve learned from our work in the centres for the accommodation of unaccompanied young migrants. Just in the last 3 months we have worked to improve the mental and social health of 131 young people, with the help of...

Giving Hope 4 Ways on Giving Tuesday

Looking for ways to give back during this holiday season?! On #GivingTuesday, consider helping us #GiveHope to refugees in Lebanon and Belgium. Not sure of the best way to help? Try one of these great options: 1. Make a Donation It’s the most wonderful time of the...

REPORT: Young Refugees living in reception & accommodation centres in Brussels

Following five years of supporting young refugees living in Brussels through psychosocial support activities, engagement with the local community and providing exposure to skills and future opportunities, this report presents the critical observations of the precarity in the lives these young people. The discussion engages with three elements of protection that we consider necessary for the personal security of young people in this precarious situation: a positive physical living space, an environment of psychological support and guidance and the adherence to their rights in seeking international protection.

Une lueur d’espoir à travers des murs nus sans fenêtres

La semaine dernière, notre équipe à Beyrouth a été averti des conditions terribles de vies d’une de nos élèves, Amira. Comme SB cherche toujours à soutenir sa communauté, nous avons voulu vérifier par nous même pour chercher à aider Amira et sa famille.  La...

Presenting “Giving Hope” short film in Brussels and London

Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege to present my short documentary, “Giving Hope”, about SB’s excellent work in Lebanon, to audiences in London and Brussels. The film showed SB’s success through the eyes of some of the students it has helped. Having...

A shine of hope through bare windowless walls

Last week, the SB Beirut Center was alerted about the terrible living conditions of the family of one of our students, Amira. SB works to holistically support our community members, so we went to check on them to see what aid we could provide. Amira’s family had to...

Giving her children the right tools to be empowered

Coming to SB’s Bukra Ahla center has given me the chance to learn new things, some sessions have taught me how to better handle the situation

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

The way I raise my children has changed and our communication has improved. I talk to them to understand their frustrations, I do not use my hands.

Celebrating education, empowerment and the people that support SB OverSeas’ work

From the 5th to the 26th of April we had our annual Give Hope campaign, It is the time to show our community and supporters the ways in which we have been working towards a better future for refugees both in Belgium and Lebanon, and the way in which everyone can get...

Bienvenue à Shatila

Un soir de février, dans l’ombre de nuages noirs arrivant des montagnes vers Beyrouth, je suis montée dans un taxi à Gemmayzé, le quartier historique et bohème de la ville où s’entrecroisent hipsters et artistes. Je me suis préparée mentalement pour ma destination. Je...

How to help out!

A question we get often at SB OverSeas from good-hearted supporters is how they can help. It's no secret that we have a tough time saying no to expanding our support reach and to keep doing this we need our community because you are the life and soul of SB OverSeas....

Solidarity Days – 24 & 25 février 2023

On February 6, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale shook Turkey and Syria. This tragic event took a particularly heavy toll, with 50,000 dead, a hundred thousand injured and almost a million displaced. Moreover, in February, the region of southern Turkey...


On February the 6th, the quakes rocked Turkey and Syria. Those earthquakes were the region’s
strongest in our lifetime and of the century.


As part of the promotion of social cohesion and inclusion for Menas and young Schaerbeekers, a futsal tournament was successfully organized! A highly entertaining day of soccer, during which unaccompanied foreign minors, local youngsters, volunteers, youngsters...

Brighten their future through Holiday Cards
Bienvenue à Shatila

Bienvenue à Shatila

Un soir de février, dans l’ombre de nuages noirs arrivant des montagnes vers Beyrouth, je suis montée dans un taxi à...

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How to help out!

How to help out!

A question we get often at SB OverSeas from good-hearted supporters is how they can help. It's no secret that we have...

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Tote Bags Article

Tote Bags Article

The tote bags are sewn as part of the Empowerment Programme for Syrian refugee women in our centres in Lebanon. The...

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