Bukra Ahla Centre

“Bukra Ahla”, which means “a better tomorrow,” is the first center we opened in Lebanon.

The center's goal is to support children, youth, and women. with our non-formal education program that instructs the students with the Lebanese curriculum including Arabic, English, mathematics, and weekly science classes, as well as PSS activities and life skills, to increase their chances to be accepted into Lebanese public schools or ALP (Accelerated Learning Program).

Also in Bukra Ahla, we provide an empowerment program that serves youth ages 14-18 and women, that focuses on both literacy and vocational training, where Arabic literacy and English courses help beneficiaries improve their language, and computer courses help them learn computer basics, internet use, Microsoft office, and software skills.

along a side with these programs there is always a psychological support offered by a full time psychologist located in the center during working hours to support any need.


  • Support out of school children aged between 4-14 yrs old to enhance their chance to be accepted in public school or accelerated learning program
  • Empower youth and women to improve their skills and economic situation by teaching them academic and professional skills
  • Psychological support for all beneficiaries by classroom activities, individual and group session


  • Educated generation striving for a successful future
  • Independent pioneer women who know their rights
  • A community with high mental health

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      Bukra Ahla

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    Ard Jalloul, Al-Rabee Project, Block 6 – 1st floor


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Youth (age 14 to 18)

Learning How To Use Your Physical & Mental Strengh Through Self-Defense Courses
0 Learning How To Use Your Physical & Mental Strengh Through Self-Defense Courses When I started teaching self-defence with SB I didn’t realise the full extent of the impact it would have on the women and girls. I knew from working with refugee women and children for a long time that teaching self-defence would be really beneficial in terms of providing them with techniques to protect themselves from violence, which is what led me to become a qualified instructor.
Being Syrian In Lebanon, Working With A Refugee NGO
You know how sometimes your emotions take over, and no matter how many times you tell yourself that your surrounded by strangers and should not cry, you just can’t help it? Well, that is how most of my co-volunteers got to know me. It was during our orientation/training day and we were going around sharing our reasons of why we chose to volunteer for SB Overseas, and I somehow managed to go last.
Bukra Ahla Through Alex’s Eyes
The Bukra Ahla center where we live and work is situated in between the Shatila camp and the most intensive military checkpoint that I have seen in Lebanon. If you head into Shatila, you see an area that looks a lot like projects in the US, though like the rest of Lebanon, it is more crowded, and has street markets.
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