SB Harmonie is a project that aims at personal development through community, self-discovery through the discovery of others, and the development of the personal project of each participant through mutual aid and benevolence. The accompaniment and support throughout this project will ensure the formation of lasting links, awareness and reconciliation between local youth, young asylum seekers and newcomers.

This project is composed of four periodic modules: coaching sessions, roundtables, workshops and trainings. It brings together different types of actors and aims at the individual and specific development of each participant according to his/her own identity.

The workshops and sessions organized are aimed at the personal and professional enrichment of each young person, develop collective intelligence, a vector and springboard for collaboration and coordination between young people from diverse backgrounds, and thus for social mixing, multiculturalism and the complementarity of talents.


  • Strengthen social cohesion and build bridges between different youth communities through workshops, roundtables and events.
  • Provide a safe and fluid place to meet and exchange.
  • Create an authentic, healthy and homogenous social environment.
  • Reduce prejudices and stereotypes between different communities in the Belgian social environment.


Our vision is a world where women and children can feel safe, hopeful, healthy, and where they are able to shape their own future.