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SB Espoir is a project that works directly in the accommodation centers that host young asylum-seeking minors and women, conducting life skills and psychosocial support activities that support them for their new life in Brussels, it has been active in Brussels, from working with young people arriving to Park Maximillian in 2015 on an ad-hoc and needs-based basis to now.

Within SB Espoir, in 2019 we piloted an extension of activities with a women and girls center in Jette called “Son Choix, Son Avenir” (her choices, her future). This project focuses on promoting social inclusion, personal development and access of opportunities for asylum-seeking girls and women.


Our mission is to help refugees rebuilding their lives. For this purpose, we build sustainable projects focused on education, empowerment and humanitarian aid.
We prioritize women and children because they face greater challenges to their safety and well-being.
Fostering the integration and inclusion of unaccompanied minors and families seeking asylum in Belgium
Building a bridge with and between local and international community of volunteers
Building partnerships with local, European and international actors
Empowering beneficiaries to be able to return to their country of origins
Provide more spaces, opportunities, resources and programmes to foster dialogue and social cohesion, and combat discrimination and segregation.


Our vision is a world where women and children can feel safe, hopeful, healthy, and where they are able to shape their own future.

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Fact Sheet

Bukra Ahla Project Factsheet

Mouna and SB Espoir
I am of Syrian origin, and I have been able to see the hardships my people have experienced leaving their daily lives and arriving in an unknown place. I was emotionally moved when I saw images of all the children and parents in the camps, others walking thousands of miles to find place. Unfortunately, humans are often selfish, it is only when his people are directly affected that he realizes the misery of all the other refugees. That’s why I decided to do Volunteering with SB Espoir
Confronting Realities In Mini-Europe
A few weeks ago, we took some of the youth from the WSP/Uccle centers to Mini-Europe. For those not familiar, Mini-Europe is kind of an outdoor museum, housing replicas of famous European sights and landmarks. The youth seemed to enjoy it, especially taking pictures, and trying all the fun interactive bits in the park. It was a great way for them to see some of the different cultures and landscapes that exist throughout Europe, and allowed them to maybe learn a bit more about their current place of residence, and hopefully, their new home.
To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to
In the rush of everyday life, we often forget to celebrate the little (or big) things that people do. Crises, refugees, terrorism are always the three words kept in mind when we look at the actual situation of the world. This one side of the story is always emphasized in political, social and communicative spheres—but not today. Today, I will celebrate other people talents and strength.
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