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in 2020 despite the fact of what crucial situation that the world was facing of covid19, Lebanon is facing it with more pressure of economical break down, the effects of the explosion happen in Lebanon and Lack of political stability.

adding to that, the landlord of Ouzaii shelter took a decision to evacuate the shelter ignoring the fact that with this decision will make 400 families homeless, by that due to landlord decision, sadly we shut down our center there since there is no beneficiaries anymore.

Read more about the evacuation by visiting our petition that has been signed by more than 1500 people around the world to keep the people in their shelter…


Minutes away from the Lebanese coast in Saida, in an incomplete construction once destined to become a university, in some nights it became a shelter that serves some small village residents who fled the war back in syria to Lebanon who took this building as a shelter expecting to spend one or two weeks then get back to there homeland since they are close by country distance to their hometown, but sadly they had to stay for years while trying to adapt inside this incomplete construction,

by that, to meet the need of what those displaced people we inaugurate our center in saida that offers educational and empowerment classes for children and women.
as for education, Most of shelter students are registered in the public schools. Therefore, our non-formal education program in the center and supports students in their school work by utilizing the Lebanese curriculum in all classes, including Arabic, English language, mathematics and homework support, as well as weekly science classes, PSS activities, and life skills classes.

also, The Empowerment program targets the youth and women by providing courses in Arabic and English languages to improve their communication skills, as well as computer courses on how to use the computer basics, internet, Microsoft office, and software skills.
along a side with these programs there is always a psychological support offered by a full time psychologist located in the center during working hours to support any need.


  • Support out of school children aged between 4-14 yrs old to enhance their chance to be accepted in public school or accelerated learning program
  • Empower youth and women to improve their skills and economic situation by teaching them academic and professional skills
  • Psychological support for all beneficiaries by classroom activities, individual and group session


  • Educated generation striving for a successful future
  • Independent pioneer women who know their rights
  • A community with high mental health

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Youth (age 14 to 18)

(EN) Educational activities or courses that took place in 2018. (FR) Les activités éducatives ou les cours qui ont eu lieu en 2018.
Life in Saida by Nisrine
I arrived in Beirut late at night, so the darkness didn’t allow me to get a real first impression of the city. However I was immediately impressed by the houses that seemed to be built in a tentacular way by growing on the top of the mountains.
Carpentry workshop for youth in Saida
The shelter in Saida in which our center is located houses around 1500 people. This places us in a unique position to help an entire community.
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