In the countries bordering Syria, life for Syrian refugees becomes more precarious every week. With over 70% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon living below the poverty line, the aid we provide is a lifeline to some of the most vulnerable.


We organize regular clothing collections in Brussels and beyond as part of our Clothes UP project to send to refugees living in Lebanon. We also collect many different materials, such as fabrics and school equipment, to use in our schools and women’s training centers.

With the help of our volunteers, we load these items into containers, then ship it to Lebanon to be distributed to individuals and families living in the refugee camps in the Middle East.

In addition to the in-kind donations, we also collect and distribute emergency aid from other sources. SB Overseas also providesf fresh fruits and vegetables from supermarkets, household items, medical aid and cash assistance to the most vulnerable families.

    How to Sponsor?

    The Syrian crisis which started in 2011, has forced more than 5 million people to leave the country. Many have fled to the neighboring country, Lebanon, which according to government figures has hosted more than 1.5 million Syrians making Lebanon the country with the highest ratio of refugees per capita. Even though the Lebanese government has tried to provide education opportunities to Syrian children, more than half of this population is out of school thereby missing key years of education

    Refugee families suffer from increasingly limited economic resources. It is estimated that 73% of these families are living below the poverty line (2019 Vulnerability assessment of Syrian Families in Lebanon). This situation further undermines children’s possibilities to attend school, as most families cannot afford tuition, food and the school materials. This combined with the trauma, stress and anxiety deriving from war and displacement will drive this generation of Syrian children to become part of the lost generation, a generation that will not have the possibility to attend school and therefore improve their future.
    However you can help change their path.

    Sponsorship Value

    €45 for a child €130 for a family


    Sponsorship Includes:

    • School bag equipped with all the needs (school books, note books, school supplies, etc.) for one time only.
    • 1 Varied food basket per month
    • Summer or winter clothes as needed.

    When you sponsor a child on a monthly basis you ensure that they have a spot in our classrooms and are readily equipped to take on the school day. Often, students come to our centers without school supplies and on an empty stomach. They are unable to take an active participation within our classrooms and therefore can fall behind. With your help you can provide children with all the necessary resources to progress and succeed within their academic career.

    Sponsor a child for 45 euros

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    When you sponsor a family on a monthly basis you ensure that their children will get a chance at full education and a chance to have a childhood. Often, families are unable to send their children to school as they require them to work to help provide for the household. With your help, you can provide for a more stable household in which parents can send their children to school with all the necessary materials and reduce the burden of providing families with household items.

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    With your class contribution we will be able to cover the necessary materials to keep our classes running and provide quality education for our students that will allow them to continue into the Lebanese Education System. We will also be able to give food and materials for those students that arrive at the centers with an empty stomach and without the necessary utensils for class as their families are not always able to afford these resources.

    From 10€

    • Food Provisions for students.
    • Class Materials for the lesson program.

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    • Support Syrian refugees with basic needs of clothing, shoes & food supplements


    • A community that are access to their basic needs of clothing and nutrition