Our educational program in the centers relays on supporting children in the community surrounding the center with the educational curriculum that children receives in Lebanese public schools, it also prepares dropout students with the same curriculum that includes English and French, mathematics, science and life skills that the student needs to develop his abilities and capabilities within the surrounding community. And give the them the ability to enroll in government schools or the ALP education program.

We deliver programs for the education of children from the age of 4 years to the age of 14 years. It includes support for the government program and support for children who have dropped out of education.

We are carrying out educational activities that help children develop all their mental and physical capabilities.

  • Support out of school children aged between 4-14 yrs old to enhance their chance to be accepted in public school or accelerated learning program
  • Empower youth and women to improve their skills and economic situation by teaching them academic and professional skills
  • Psychological support for all beneficiaries by classroom activities, individual and group session
  • Educated generation striving for a successful future
  • Independent pioneer women who know their rights
  • A community with high mental health