Sep 11, 2023

On September the 8th 2023, an earthquake of 6.8 to 7.2 struck Morocco causing huge damages and human loss. The deadly quake’s epicentre was in Al Haouz province in Morocco’s High Atlas making the cities of Marrakech, Agadir, Ighil and Casablanca the most afflicted in Morocco. According to primary reports, the death toll rises to over 2500 in addition to 2476 injuries. Many buildings, homes and streets have been destroyed and lives have been discomposed.

Source: Seismologic Institutes ; Al Jazeera ; OCHA (ReliefWeb) ; World Health Organization

Image source: AFP

enfant parmi les décombres

Source: US Geological Survey

Graphic: Henrik Pettersson, CNN

SB Overseas’ Rapid Response

Emergency aid kits:

It is primordial to call upon the international community to support the victims of this natural disaster. The main needs are emergency medical supplies, hygiene products (for women and for all, baby wipes), non-perishable food (canned goods, formula) and temporary shelter essentials (blankets, tents, camping beds, etc.).

enfant parmi les décombres

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