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The Education and Empowerment Center in Arsal is located in the Al Nahria camp, making it easily accessible for our students.

we do focus on two main programs in the center.

First is the non-formal education program that includes children between (4-14) years old who are out of school, this program aims to improve their academic level by providing the Lebanese curriculum containing Arabic, French language, math, arts, and life skills courses, in addition to weekly science classes and PSS activities. This program gives children the opportunity to enroll in public schools or ALP, also aims to create a safe space for the children in the center where they can play and learn.

Second is the empowerment program, which aims to empower youth and women through literacy as well as social and economic opportunities by providing Arabic, French, life skills, and computer skills courses. This training allows women to create their own products, which we market and sell on their behalf to support their incomes. 100% of the proceeds from products sold goes directly back to the women who made them.

along a side with these programs there is always a psychological support offered by a full time psychologist located in the center during working hours to support any need.


  • Support out of school children aged between 4-14 yrs old to enhance their chance to be accepted in public school or accelerated learning program
  • Empower youth and women to improve their skills and economic situation by teaching them academic and professional skills
  • Psychological support for all beneficiaries by classroom activities, individual and group session


  • Educated generation striving for a successful future
  • Independent pioneer women who know their rights
  • A community with high mental health

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      +961 71 634 713
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Youth (age 14 to 18)

Preparing for our awareness campaign in Arsal
Suited up in their protective gear (full-body suits, masks & gloves) and equipped with training , the team will begin field visits to the families in the community around our centre, providing a 1-hour awareness session, sanitizer materials, temperature & symptom check over the next month and a half.
Help Our Children In Arsal
In the past few days the temperature in Arsal, located at the Syrian-Lebanese border, has dropped to below zero, with heavy snowfall covering the shelters which currently host over 75,000 refugees.
Emergency COVID-19 support provided to families in Arsal camps
This weekend our incredible team in Arsal began field visits to our community around our education and empowerment centre. Over the next month and a half, the team will be visiting 700 families, providing them with…
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