Form a group of sponsors and accompany a refugee family during their first year in Belgium!

Currently, 189 refugees living in war-torn countries are ready to be resettled in Belgium through community sponsorship. They are waiting for one thing: a group of citizens willing to welcome them when they arrive.

The project

“The community sponsorship program allows citizens to participate directly in refugee resettlement efforts. Sponsors commit to providing resettlement assistance and emotional support to families during their first year in Belgium. Sponsors commit to providing limited financial support before the arrival (rent of the house, caution) and after arrival (financial assistance in the first month of arrival before obtaining the refugee status)


Looking for a human and solidarity-based adventure? Join us!

Are you a dedicated person wishing to contribute to the society around you? Are you willing to participate in a deeply human adventure that will change the life of an entire family?

With the help of four other people, you can form a solidarity group and accompany a refugee family in Belgium. You will invest in them and offer them support for a duration of one year, in order to help them rebuild their lives. The first step is to find them housing. While waiting for the integration income, you will also help the refugees financially during the first few weeks for their basic needs. (First month’s rent, basic necessities, administrative costs, etc.). Afterwards, your mission will be to support the family in their daily lives and their new life in Belgium.

“It has had an incredible positive effect on our lives. It is a wonderful experience. It’s probably just a drop in the bucket, but it’s something. I’m sure we’ve creating a lifelong friendship with this family”

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You are not alone! Through training, exchanges, and a close relationship with SB Overseas, you will be guided all throughout your sponsorship. SB Overseas will accompany you continuously to answer your questions and to support you through any challenges you might face.

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