12 Mar

What do you want to be? Exploring futures in science, technology and chemistry with refugee youth

Written by SB Espoir Activity Assistant Micaela Lafratta An astronaut, a lawyer or a cowboy. Those were my three career…

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2 Mar

Bringing coding games to asylum-seeking youth

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs As in martial…

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11 Feb

To understand today, one must take a look at yesterday

SB Espoir makes a visit to the House European History Written by Micaela Lafratta, SB Espoir project assistant You enter…

18 Dec

The Story of SB in Brussels

In the late summer of 2015, refugees started to come to Belgium where they arrived to Park Maximilian, a large…

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11 Dec

Need for more legal support & psychological services for the adequate protection of young migrants in Brussels

As the year comes to a close we reflect on our what we’ve learned from our work in the centres…

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