30 Jan

‘Just Married’ Amara’s Story

Amara lives in the Saida shelter in Lebanon and she was a star student in SB OverSeas’ classes, until she…

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1 Dec

‘Just Married’: Aisha’s Story

Continuing our comic series on early marriage, this month we learn about Aisha’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling…

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30 Nov

The Ripple Effect of a Kenyan Girl’s Lament: an Interview with S&D MEP Linda McAvan

This week, SB OverSeas’ Maria Rosales stepped out of her role as volunteer coordinator for Brussels and Lebanon and into…

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11 Oct

International Day of the Girl: Mervat’s Story

To mark International Day of the Girl, 11th October 2018, we wanted to draw attention to one of our teachers…

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25 Jul

Life at Thirteen Years Old – A future stolen

Written by Nile Watson-Batista, a volunteer in Lebanon, with the help of SB staff. Amara was the girl in the front row…

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