Arsal is an isolated village located in northeast Lebanon next to the Syrian border. It has a population of 35,000 people and reaches a height of 1400-2000 meters above sea level. Its weather is desert-like and dry, controlled by cold winter.
This city houses more than 120,000 displaced Syrians, the majority of whom are from Qalamoun and Qusayr and a number of Syrian border towns, who now live in one of the many different tent camps.
 It is an area that suffers from poverty due to lack of resources.
In Arsal, formal Lebanese schools are drastically scarce compared to the number of school-aged children in the area and, even when places are available, public education services are mostly inaccessible to refugees, who struggle to afford transportation to school and to pay academic fees. 
The Education and Empowerment Center in Arsal is located in the Al Nahria camp, making it easily accessible for our students. In our center we work on two main programs. First is the non-formal education program that includes children between (4-14) years old who are out of school.


This village was exposed to a tense security atmosphere due to the events that occurred in 2014 from clashes between the Lebanese army and armed elements from ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.


 This program aims to improve their academic level by providing the Lebanese curriculum containing Arabic, French language, math, arts and life skills courses, in addition to weekly science classes and PSS activities.

This program gives children the opportunity to enroll in public schools or ALP (Accelerated Learning Program), and it also aims to create a safe space for the children in the center where they can play and learn.
Second is the empowerment program, which aims to empower youth and women through literacy as well as social and economic opportunities by providing Arabic, French, life skills, and computer skills courses.

Furthermore, we provide vocational training which includes sewing, embroidery, crochet, and recycling. This training allows women to create their own products, which we market and sell on their behalf to support their incomes. 100% of the proceeds from products sold goes directly back to the women who made them.
Youth (age 14 to 18)
In our Center in Arsal, there is a full-time psychologist to support beneficiaries holistically.
 The psychologist implements the PSS (psychosocial support) program, which aims to build a safe space for our students by doing classroom activities that have educational and psychological goals, awareness sessions. Additionally, the psychologist provides individual sessions to solve targeted issues and needs, as well as group sessions (for women, men, youth, parents and their children) to discuss some important topics based on trends and needs in the classroom and community that are identified by the staff and psychologist through outreach and assessments.

Furthermore, we provide aid distributions to the families of our beneficiaries, taking each family’s unique needs and living conditions into consideration.