Minutes away from the Lebanese coast in an unfinished building once destined to become a university is a community that serves a small village of Syrian refugees. 
This camp contains 1500 people living in a 4-floor building, with one room for each family and a shared bathroom on each floor.
On the ground floor is where you will find our Education and Empowerment center in Saida. The needs of this center are beyond just that of education and providing opportunities for the future.
 As the center is attached to an entire network of Syrian refugee families, the school plays a major role in this community.

Education and Empowerment Center 2 in the Ouzai Shelter in Saida is our biggest center in Lebanon.
 Most of its students are registered in the public schools. Therefore, our non-formal education program in the center and supports students in their school work by utilizing the Lebanese curriculum in all classes, including Arabic, English language, mathematics and homework support, as well as weekly science classes, PSS activities, and life skills classes.


Youth (age 14 to 18)
The Empowerment program targets the youth and women by providing courses in Arabic and English languages to improve their communication skills, as well as computer courses on how to use the computer basics, internet, Microsoft office, and software skills.
 In addition, vocational training provides courses in sewing and crochet that give to trainees the opportunity to support their income by creating handmade products which we market and sell on their behalves.
Our full-time Psychologist in Saida administers the PSS program, aiming to build a safe and comfortable space for the families of the shelter by organizing classroom activities, outdoor activities, afternoon activities, weekend activities.
 Additionally, our psychologist organizes individual and group sessions for children, youth, women, and parents. These sessions are targeted to address specific needs and trends in the community, and include important topics such as abuse, child marriage, and the role of education in families.