Tell us about yourself? Hi! I am from Lyon, France and I am studying Human Rights Law with International Migration at BSIS (University of Kent) in Brussels. How did you get involved with SB OverSeas? I wanted to give some of my time to asylum seekers here in Belgium. A classmate/friend told me about the volunteering opportunities with SB OverSeas and I was intrigued. I contacted them and thats how it’s started! Favourite memory of SB OverSeas? One of my favourite memory is the four-week project called “Home away from Home”. This was done with two artists who came to the centre. The boys were so happy to see, after four weeks of painting, their accomplished work. They painted the walls of the common room with shapes and words such as family, peace, reconciliation, love, etc. The boys, volunteers and artists were all greatful for this joyful time. Everybody got involved and we could admire the wonderful fruit of our teamwork. I think that was an important moment for the boys. Another memory is playing soccer outside. They boys were happy to show us the place where they usually play sports and to play with us. In this way, they showed us something of their daily life. What do you find challenging? Saturday’ activities are challenging in a way as we have to adapt between leading activities and encouraging the boys to get involved. In the end, it’s all about being present with them. Advice for a future volunteer? Don’t wait too long to get involved. If you have the desire to help those who left their country, their families, and are waiting for a regular situation, just do it! Bérénice is a volunteer for our SB Espoir program which is a weekend program run with unaccompanied minors living in asylum centres in and around Brussels. Interested in getting involved? Click here