On February 6, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale shook Turkey and Syria. This tragic event took a particularly heavy toll, with 50,000 dead, a hundred thousand injured and almost a million displaced. Moreover, in February, the region of southern Turkey and northeastern Syria was plagued by particularly harsh winter weather conditions, making it all the more difficult to help those affected and deliver aid on the ground.

In this context, where major humanitarian aid was sorely needed, SB Overseas organized the Solidarity Days on Friday February 24 and Saturday February 25 in Machelen, dedicated to collecting material donations for the disaster victims. During these two days, solidarity was everywhere, as SB Overseas was able to count on its team of volunteers not only to organize the logistical aspect of the collection, but also to create the general good mood!

In all, thanks to our generous donors, almost 900 boxes of baby clothes, shoes and blankets, all contained in one container, headed for Kilis, a Turkish town on the border with Syria where they were dispatched and distributed to all those in needs.


The successes of those two days are the fruit of the generosity of donors who have placed their trust in SB Overseas. We would like to thank the Mater Dei, Cardinal Mercier de Braine l’Alleud, La Vertu and les Tourterelles for entrusting us with the donations collected in their schools for the benefit of the disaster victims. Our warmest to the ASBL Humanipedie, UFLED, CEDAS and to the companies PWC and Trane Technologies for their generosity and dedication.