I started volunteering with SB OverSeas in March, at the centre within the Ouzai refugee camp located in Saida.

Even before receiving an answer for my application, I knew that I was getting myself into a tough challenge.

Today, I have been teaching for almost three months, and there are days where I still find it a challenge. Some moments are harder than others. I have had moments of despondency – when I doubt my abilities and begin to feel disappointment and resentment towards my students’ behaviour.

Then, I think about the hardships the community and their children have been through, their day-to-day lives as refugees, and the emotional instability this can lead to. This has made me more patient when working with them.

When I cross the courtyard, these same children shout out my name or rush to greet me. They show smiling faces and an overflowing enthusiasm at every moment, and most of them prove every day in their own way their desire to learn.

Our role as volunteers with SB OverSeas is to sincerely help the community, to do our best to support students in their education by using the resources available and give them attention they need to succeed.