On 15th June, the SB Espoir team met at the Womens’ Red Cross centre Jette. Pizza making and art were the main activities of the day. The team of 5were briefed in advance on the recipe and the day’s activities. We met the women from the centre, introduced ourselves and got to know each other while introducing the day’s plan. Pizza always goes down a treat, so both the participants and the volunteers were keen to get started. In small teams made up of different age groups we had fun making the dough, adding more water or flour as necessary. We then kneaded the dough, and it seems there was already quite some expertise in the room! We left the dough to rise, and in our groups decided what toppings we were interested in adding while a team in the kitchen chopped the vegetables. In the meantime, the tables were scrubbed down and we set up our art activity-designing our creative cookbooks. Everyone was given copy books and we drafted the pizza recipe. The culinary vocabulary and the verbs used new to some of the women, so the afternoon also had a language learning element. That is when the colour came in- we covered the cookery books in bright paper, stickers and glitter glue. At that point, we rolled out the dough, added the tomato sauce, toppings and cheese. It was just as well the Womens’Red Cross centre in Jette has such a well equipped kitchen. We didn’t realise how many pizzas the dough would make! 40 mins later, the bubbling cheese let us know they were ready. With smiling faces and rumbling stomachs we sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Delicciosa!

For the participants it was a great afternoon to meet the team of volunteers ahead of the Autumn activities when SB Espoir will be going to Jette Red Cross Womens’ centre. They enjoyed learning a new recipe, creating colourful books in which to write this and future recipes and to enjoy a nice meal together. SB Espoir volunteers look forward to meeting the women of the centre again in autumn 2019 for more activities and socialising!