SB OverSeas is proud to announce its recent partnership between our Saida Center and the IECD’s « Semeurs d’Avenir » programme. Thanks to this collaboration, refugees in Saida will receive vocational training in painting which will empower them with the adequate professional background to be in control of their professional future.

The programme consists of a 5 week training period led and implemented by the IECD hosted by our Saida team. 20 men in the shelter have the opportunity to take part by the end of which a certificate will be obtained accrediting their professional ability to a potential employer or client.

The IECD has been promoting access to education and vocational training in Lebanon since 1989. Convinced that education and training are the keys to economic and human development, their mission is to reinforce change through the exchange of local persons and partners.

Many young men of Syrian origin living in Lebanon as refugees face a new host of socio-economic challenges. Because of the abundance of refugees desperate to work, refugees are easy targets for exploitation. Typically allocated undesirable or dangerous jobs, the imbalance of power on the market for refugee labour is a big vulnerability to the community. The wellbeing of the community depends strongly on the economic empowerment and financial independence of the providers, who are typically the men; fathers, husbands and sons. An opportunity for them to learn more well-respected labour skills is therefore a chance for the community as a whole to enjoy better living conditions.