Would you like to learn Arabic while volunteering in Lebanon? SB OverSeas is offering you the amazing opportunity to experience teaching in one of the SB OverSeas centres in Lebanon while also partaking in an intensive Arabic course. Fluency in Arabic is a vital tool for anyone that has an interest in working in the Middle East or wants to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the region. As a result, SB OverSeas is now offering an immersive new programme to international volunteers: don’t miss out!

Participants of this programme will follow the curriculum developed by Georgetown University where they will learn Modern Standard Arabic alongside Levantine and Egyptian Arabic. Volunteers will be taught by a local teacher with a degree in the language for nine hours a week. You can chose to stay between two and eight months, thus either developing a basic knowledge of the language, or staying longer and reaching an advanced level. Volunteers are asked for a monthly contribution to help cover accommodation and food costs, as well as learning materials and tuition.

Arabic learners contribute by working part-time in the centre teaching displaced Syrian refugees. The mix of Arabic lessons and teaching provides an insight into how the reaction to the crisis is being organised in the field and allows you to play a part in the response at community level. If you would like to immerse yourself in the Arabic culture, learn the language and provide relief aid to refugees, subscribe to the SB OverSeas volunteering programme in Lebanon via this link!