SB OverSeas and the German NGO “Green Helmets” (Grünhelme) collaborated to provide a safe, insulated shelter for displaced communities living in camps in Lebanon to live and learn this winter.

The Green Helmets finished work on the Ouzai shelter in Saida, where SB OverSeas operates one of its centres, whose construction had been previously abandoned. The unfinished building was unfit for safe use during winter and left visitors exposed to rough weather conditions. Thanks to our partners, our centre is now covered with a repaired ceiling, new plumbing has been installed and the building is insulated thanks to panelling. Residents can therefore now enjoy insulated windows and functioning bathrooms.

Our German partners brought the building a long way from the uninsulated, pest-infested five storey concrete shell it once was. The water piping would also frequently collapse, causing unhygienic smells and even fires. The entire SB OverSeas community is thrilled and relieved to have a safe and hygienic living and working environment.

The Green Helmets even went beyond our Saida school to displaced communities around our center in Arsal near the Syrian border. Here, in one of Lebanon’s most desolate camps, the Green Helmets provided cover to protect tents from rain and bad weather.

Volunteers, the local labour force and refugees, men and women alike, all contributed to making this collaboration possible. This joint effort combined with our German partners’ expertise led to a vast improvement in living conditions for many people in a short space of time. Thank you Green Helmets!

You can find out more about the work of the Green Helmets here (link in German).