As part of the promotion of social cohesion and inclusion for Menas and young Schaerbeekers, a futsal tournament was successfully organized! A highly entertaining day of soccer, during which unaccompanied foreign minors, local youngsters, volunteers, youngsters resettled in Brussels, sports coaches and SB Overseas members were able to meet up.

The main aim of the futsal tournament was to foster social cohesion by creating an inclusive space where all participants felt welcomed and respected. It also aimed to promote equal opportunities and encourage fair play, emphasizing the values of respect, tolerance, mutual understanding and positive interaction.

The organization of this Winter Multicultural Cup was made possible thanks to the collaboration of several local players: associations, sports centers, reception and accommodation centers in Brussels. Mixed teams, made up of members from different neighborhoods and socio-economic backgrounds, were formed to promote intercultural exchange and diversity.

This futsal tournament focused on social cohesion had a significant impact on the community. It strengthened ties between participants, promoted inclusion and broke down social barriers.

The Coupe Multiculturelle d’Hiver was a real success, both in sporting and social terms. By fostering positive interaction between local communities, unaccompanied foreign minors and volunteers, it has been demonstrated that the regular organization of such events contributes to the promotion of diversity, inclusion and mutual understanding, essential elements for the development of a balanced, more united and more tolerant society.