Written by Becca

Our Education Coordinator, Karla Bedggood, has introduced two professional development initiatives that have already begun enhancing the teaching and learning experiences at SB. 

First, Karla is working with the full-time teaching staff at all three of our centers in Lebanon to create a unified, organization-wide philosophy of teaching and learning. She is meeting with the staff on a weekly basis to help them brainstorm ideas as well as to solidify their sense of SB’s mission and reflect how it can be applied it to every single class and student. 

Next, Beirut and Saida’s Team Leaders, Becca Hovland and Fahimah Kadir, have implemented “Mini-Professional Development Workshops” into their weekly meetings with SB volunteers. These are brief, interactive sessions providing practical teaching tips and resources that volunteers can incorporate into their lessons. Topics have included: Low-Prep Classroom Activities; Giving Classroom Instructions; and Growth Mindset. 

We’re excited to see our staff and volunteers continue benefiting from these initiatives!