Blogues bénévoles

Blogues bénévoles

Fifteens and Zoom: A reflection

Fifteens et Zoom : Une réflexion

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Bukra Ahla through Alex’s eyes

Bukra Ahla à travers les yeux d'Alex

by Alex Hart, Beirut volunteer The Bukra Ahla center where we live and work is situated in between the Shatila camp and the most intensive military...

Meet Ahmad

Rencontrez Ahmad

Originally published on WorldWide Tribe 17 May 2019 Every morning of the working week I am greeted by sixteen exuberant five year olds, which is the...

Mouna and SB Espoir

Mouna et SB Espoir

I am of Syrian origin, and I have been able to see the hardships my people have experienced leaving their daily lives and arriving in an unknown...