‘Just Married’: Faïza’s story

« Just Married » : l'histoire de Faïza

My name is Faïza. I’m 13 years old and I’m at the end of my life. Something is eating me from inside and the outside want to kill me.I can’t see nor the sun nor the people I love anymore. Read Faïza’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling...
Women in conflict, a discussion with the UN University

Femmes en conflit, une discussion avec l'Université des Nations Unies

Women are not victims, and when empowered and included in peacekeeping operations, solutions are much more tangible and sustainable. This was the central message that resonated from a discussion on International Women’s Day at the UN University, of what could happen...
‘Just Married’: May’s Story

"Just Married": l'histoire de May

Before she even turned 18 years old, May had fled from violence twice in her life. The first time from war in Syria, and the second from her abusive mother-in-law after she got married. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from...