For Volunteers

For Volunteers

Want to Volunteer in Lebanon?

As an international volunteer in Lebanon, you will have the chance to develop your teaching skills by teaching English, Maths or Science in one of our non-formal schools, as well as to put into practice additional skills or interests, such as first aid, fundraising, communications, social media, project development, sports, photography, arts and crafts, theatre, amongst others.

You will be living and volunteering in a multi-cultural environment, and will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers from all other the world as well as to get to know our local staff and learn from their experience working on the ground

While in Lebanon you will also discover a new culture and will have the opportunity to visit some of the country’s many historical and natural wonders.

If you’d like to learn or improve your Arabic skills, our programme offers weekly Arabic classes and a coursebook is also included. We use a curriculum developed by Georgetown University that teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) along with Levantine and Egyptian Arabic. We provide the Alif Baa textbook which includes interactive online resources (

To apply for the programme, please fill-in the application form in the “Apply” button above and send it along with your CV to

If you would like to volunteer with us in Lebanon, we ask for a minimum commitment of two months and there are two options:

  • Branch A: full-time volunteering (contribution of $500 for two months).
  • Branch B: volunteering and Arabic language course (contribution of $850 for two months).

You can also find out more about the volunteering programme in our Frequently Asked Questions. After reading the FAQ, if you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at