Through our recent Thread of Hope campaign, we were able to fundraise enough money to purchase new sewing machines for our empowerment centers and replace the old machines. As the previous machines were not broken but merely not suitable anymore for training the women, we decided to donate them to our best and most dedicated students. Below you can read some of their stories.

This is Sanaa, a widow with three children, living in one of the many tents that make up the camp of Arsal. She has been attending the sewing classes in our center in Arsal for many months now. Before receiving the sewing machine, she frequently had to go to the shop to have her and her children’s clothes repaired as they do not have the means to buy new clothes. Now, she is able to fix not only her children’s clothes but also those of her family and acquaintances in nearby tents.

Meet Aesha. She also lives in one of the tents in Arsal, close to our centre. Since the death of her husband, she has been left alone to take care of her 7 children. Receiving one of the sewing machines has allowed her to repair and even create clothes for her children, neighbors and anyone who seeks to make use of her skill. She is now able to earn a modest income and better support her family.