Press Coverage

Press Coverage

What Are The Youth Doing? – a report from Beirut & Aarsal

Read our report on the youth living in the Beirut and Aarsal settlements, based on data collected through household surveys. The data was collected by SB OverSeas staff over the course of 2018. The total number of households surveyed was 548, representing 2,800  individuals. The data was collected in Shatila in Beirut and in several […]

Women in conflict, a discussion with the UN University

Women are not victims, and when empowered and included in peacekeeping operations, solutions are much more tangible and sustainable. This was the central message that resonated from a discussion on International Women’s Day at the UN University, of what could happen when women are given leadership roles in post-conflict situations and what can happen when […]

Inspiring Others to Believe in the Power of Their Ideas

By Maria Rosales, volunteer coordinator for SB OverSeas.             One of my favourite parts of being a Volunteer Coordinator is to meet others who are passionate about social change. Working with SB Overseas, I have the priviledge to meet persons whose motivation, creativity and dedication inspire me on a daily basis. We at SB recently […]

Volunteering with SB OverSeas… crossing the borders

If you think  my following words will describe to you what refugee children and youth currently living in Brussels witnessed during the war, their dangerous journey to Europe and their everyday life, I am sorry to disappoint you. I will guide you through another side of refugee life, because, there is no single side of […]

“Just a bit stronger, a bit smarter, and a bit more confident than the day before”

Class starts at 1:30pm with Arabic, but it is not until 2:30 when we, the volunteers, enter. First for mathematics, then for English starting at 3:10.         The class is called “Basic Literacy and Numeracy,” or BLN for short. It is during the third shift of class for the day, but the girls – and […]

Youssef’s story by Sandon

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The children of SB Overseas are among the most vulnerable in the world. Consider Youssef, a 9-year-old boy in grade 0 at SB OverSeas’ Bukra Ahla center in Beirut. He was born in Manbij, Syria – a city well-known before the war for its educational institutes, archeological sites, a vibrant cultural heritage, […]

A Week of Love

With Valentine’s Day in the air, in the month of February, we reflected on what love means to our communities and our work. To help spread more love, our Week of Love Campaign highlighted the tote bags made by the women in our Empowerment Programme and customized by the youth at our centres. Everyday we […]

Students in Saida pass public school exams

During the second week of February, many of our students had important exams in public school. As a result, the end of January and beginning of February were dedicated to revision in our center. SB staff and volunteers arranged a meeting with the teachers from the main public school our students attend. The volunteers were […]

Finding a new life for your old clothes

Are you extremely busy but still you do want to donate some of your clothes? That’s not a problem for us! We have just established a new way of picking up the clothes from your door. The only thing you have to do is make a request through the CLOTHEUP project and we will pick […]

On saying goodbye in Brussels

Long-time SB Espoir volunteer Zoheb Mashiur shares with us his experience building relationships in Brussels through the volunteer programme: Brussels is an odd sort of town where everyone shuffles in and out. You should get used to saying goodbye – but you never really do. The nature of our volunteering work at SB Espoir is […]

Finding a new home in Lebanon

Every two months international volunteers come from all over the world to teach at SB’s non-formal education centres in Beirut or Saida, as they join our Lebanon Volunteering Programme. Recently, some of our wonderful volunteers told us what they have enjoyed the most about their time in Lebanon. To them, it has become a new home […]



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