A question we get often at SB OverSeas from good-hearted supporters is how they can help. It’s no secret that we have a tough time saying no to expanding our support reach and to keep doing this we need our community because you are the life and soul of SB OverSeas.

With all our on-going projects, here are different ways in which you can make an impactful contribution:

Donate your clothes

Drop off clothes donations at 7 Rue de Hal 1190 to be distributed in refugee camps all over Lebanon for our next shipment. Our containers do more than keep people safe through the cold months; they show isolated communities living in abject poverty in Lebanon that the world has not forgotten them.

Donate school supplies

Give schools supplies, old and new, for our schools in Lebanon. Our students have very few personal possessions so SB OverSeas supplies children with minimal learning material so that students can make the most of our lessons, but we need your help in donating pens, notepads, learning support, pencil cases ect…

Be an ambassador for SB OverSeas

Speak about us to your network and be a voice for our students. As the world keeps turning despite the humanitarian crisis we face, we are counting on you to bring our cause to the attention of others. Sharing our posts, supporting our appeals or just talking about us to your peers goes a long way. Sharing this post is a great start!


A helping hand and familiar face is always welcome! Give some of your time and see for yourself the joy and hope that you are helping to foster. Meet new people and make new discoveries with our SB Espoir porgramme, or donate your expertise to help us improve as an organisation.

Become a Sponsor for Education

Ultimately, SB OverSeas has been perfecting the art of being cost effective in its activities for four years now. Because of its presence on the ground, our teams know better than anyone what funds should be spent on and how to get the most out of it, so making a financial donation really is one of the best ways to help.


Volunteer for SB Espoir: https://sboverseas.org/volunteer/brussels/

Donate: https://sboverseas.org/donate/

Get in touch: info@sboverseas.org


Finally, thank you for being part of the movement and for all your loyal support up till now.