Please Help Us Provide Emergency Support to Refugee Families in Arsal During this Unusually Cold Winter:

In the past few days the temperature in Arsal, located at the Syrian-Lebanese border, has dropped to below zero, with heavy snowfall covering the shelters which currently host over 75,000 refugees.

With your help, we can provide these families with sufficient materials so they can keep warm during the remaining winter weeks. Each family is in dire need of a protective cover to insulate their shelter from the cold, blankets, and several litres of Diesel (the Lebanese fuel required to heat their shelter).

Target and Cost per Item
-100 protective covers for the shelters – EUR 25 per cover
-500 blankets – EUR 9 per blanket
-22000 litres of Diesel– EUR 20 for twenty-two litres, the amount needed for heating per shelter.

Any contribution will go a long way in helping these families.
Please make any donations through bank transfer or Paypal with the term “Arsal” as a reference:

Paypal account (business account)

Bank account
Bank name: CBC Bank
Account holder: SB OverSeas
IBAN: BE42 7320 3907 1954

Donations from USA are tax deductible if made from the King Badouin Foundation:

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