Final exam preparation

At the end of May, our students from the Ouzai shelter in Saida will have their final exams in public school. These exams are extremely important and will help determine whether students can move on to the next grade in the 2019-2020 scholastic year starting in September.

Teachers and volunteers have been very motivated and working very hard to support our students. Therefore, in the weeks running up to these exams, they have placed additional focus on revision and have provided intensive extra classes for students that particularly struggle. We wish our students the best of luck and are sure their hard work will pay off.

Labour Day

Labour Day, on the first of May, was a public holiday in Lebanon. Therefore, our staff was able to enjoy a well-deserved day off, while some volunteers decided to organize an activity for Grade 4, 5 and 6 students. The activity was a Marble Run in which they learned about gravity, using recycled material and were able to show off their creativity.

Iftar Dinner

Each year, the teams in Lebanon organize an Iftar dinner together. In Saida, this took place on May 18, when all staff of the Ouzai project gathered at the park before sunset. Everyone brought a dish to share so there was plenty of food and enjoyed a lovely meal together.