A Second Life for Your Clothes

A Second Life for Your Clothes


Live in Brussels? Donate your old clothes to help keep refugees warm!


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This September and October, SB Overseas has decided to take up a bold challenge: to collect 25 tons of every type of clothing possible in only 2 months!

Since the beginning of the current refugee crisis, SB Overseas has recognised the need to support refugees living in refugee camps in conflict zones. Refugee families often own very little, and live through harsh conditions each winter, without any insulation in their homes to keep them warm. Warm clothes are thus the bare minimum they need in order to cope with the cold conditions of the camps.

With this campaign, we want to achieve two things:

  1. Help refugee families living in camps in Lebanon and Turkey to stay dry and warm for the winter;
  2. Raise awareness in Brussels and beyond of the still difficult conditions that refugees live in.

By collecting clothes and shoes in the Brussels area, we can together help refugees to better cope with the harsh realities of the camps.


  1. You can donate your old clothes and shoes at one of our two drop-off points (more information in the box on the right).
  2. If you have no clothes to give, you can always donate some money to help us pay for the transport of the container.


« Only by giving more are you able to receive more than what you already have »

                                                                                                          -Jim Rohn

Our two drop-off locations are open Monday-Friday, from 9h30-17h30:

  • Rue de Hal 7, 1190 Forest
  • Avenue de la Reine 89, 1030 Schaerbeek