From the 5th to the 26th of April we had our annual Give Hope campaign, It is the time to show our community and supporters the ways in which we have been working towards a better future for refugees both in Belgium and Lebanon, and the way in which everyone can get involved and help us give hope.

We started with a week dedicated to education, the most powerful weapon to change the world.  This gave us the opportunity to show our community our Catch-up Schools in Lebanon where we work to prevent the ‘lost-generation’ we also displayed our SB Espoir program in Brussels in which we work with unaccompanied minors in the refugee centers in Brussels. Off course we did not forget to present and thank the people that work every day to make all of this possible: our Volunteers.

Our second week was dedicated to empowerment, all off our programs seek to empower the youth and women we work with, they are designed to provide secure livelihood opportunities, increase self-development and encourage these groups to become active and engaged members of their communities. The activities and workshops we do, which include arts and awareness about issues such as recycling among other are tailored to their needs to transitions successfully into a new life.

Finally, our last week we had the opportunity to present the women in our center who are the back bone of our organization and our new women- oriented project “Son Choix Son avenir” which will focus on promoting social inclusion, Personal Development and Access of Opportunities to the women living in the centers in Brussels.

To learn more about everything we do you can always go back and see all of our social media posts, There are many ways for you to get involved with the work we do every day, you can purchase one of the many products we displayed during the campaign, you can join our volunteer team in Brussels or Lebanon, you can also make a donation or just share our posts, every contribution counts.

Stay tuned! there are still many more activities to come, with your help we can give hope and future to more and more people.