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30 May

Presenting “Giving Hope” short film in Brussels and London

Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege to present my short documentary, “Giving Hope”, about SB’s excellent…

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29 May

Final exams, Labour day & Iftar in the park – updates from Saida

Final exam preparation At the end of May, our students from the Ouzai shelter in Saida will have their final…

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15 May

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

The way I raise my children has changed and our communication has improved. I talk to them to understand their…

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3 May

#Trashtag in Brussels and Lebanon

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially an international one that transcends boundaries and connects people via the internet. The viral…

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30 Apr

The effects of a simple sewing machine

Through our recent Thread of Hope campaign, we were able to fundraise enough money to purchase new sewing machines for…

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