Urgent appeal: We are counting on you to help the 70.000 Syrian refugees threatened by snowstorms, floods and colds in Lebanon Brussels, Belgium – at the foot of the snow-covered massif of Anti-Lebanon and under a sky full of stormy clouds, the tents of The UNHCR are covered in white and dense snow; This is the reality at Aarsal, one of the largest Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, in one of the most precarious areas of the country. Since the arrival of the Storm Norma on 6 January, heavy rains and snowfalls have fallen in Lebanon, most of them affecting the border town of Aarsal. The more than 22.000 refugees living in the camp are confronted with frigid temperatures, strong winds and the imminent threat of welcoming temporary homes 250.000 families of refugees destroyed under the weight of snow or by Floods.

But the continuous bad weather.

The storm Miriam brings with it more snow, as well as hail, thunderstorms and strong winds, likely to reach 100km/h. UNHCR estimates that 70.000 refugees are threatened by this storm. Even if weather forecasts announce the sun, the situation could get worse if the melted snow interfering in the shelters and flooded them. With your help, we can provide each family with the equipment necessary to warm up in the last few weeks of winter. Each family needs a protective cover to insulate their shelter from the cold, blankets and several litres of fuel oil (the Lebanese heating oil for heating their shelters)  

30 EUR allow the purchase of a protective cover to insulate the shelter of a family 18 EUR allow the purchase of a blanket 20 EUR allow the purchase of twenty two litres of fuel oil necessary to heat a shelter 12 EUR allow the purchase of 1kg of milk for Children we thank you for each donation made by bank transfer or via Paypal, with the word “Aarsal” as a reference:

Paypal Account: sdk.be@hotmail.com (NGO account)

Bank account: CBC Bank BE42 7320 3907 1954 SWIFT: CREGBEBB name: SB overseas ASBL Address Braine L-l’alleud