Avez-vous des vêtements dans votre garde-robe que vous n'utilisez plus et que vous êtes prêt à aider? Alors, c'est votre chance!





Vos vêtements usés peuvent faire une différence dans de nombreuses vies. Donner des vêtements est rapide, facile et gratuit.

Vos vêtements, cinq minutes, leurs vies




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Welcome to Shatila

Under the shadow of thick, black clouds sweeping in from the mountains one February evening in Beirut I climbed into the back of a taxi in Gemmayze; the historic, bohemian quarter of the city, populated by hipsters and artists, and mentally braced myself for where I was about to go. I thought the pictures I […]

Life in Saida by Nisrine

I arrived in Beirut late at night, so the darkness didn’t allow me to get a real first impression of the city. However I was immediately impressed by the houses that seemed to be built in a tentacular way by growing on the top of the mountains. Thousands of lights shining across the mountainous landscape, […]

‘Just Married’: Faïza’s story

My name is Faïza. I’m 13 years old and I’m at the end of my life. Something is eating me from inside and the outside want to kill me.I can’t see nor the sun nor the people I love anymore. Read Faïza’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling of Félix Brassier. Since the beginning of 2018, we […]

Women in conflict, a discussion with the UN University

Women are not victims, and when empowered and included in peacekeeping operations, solutions are much more tangible and sustainable. This was the central message that resonated from a discussion on International Women’s Day at the UN University, of what could happen when women are given leadership roles in post-conflict situations and what can happen when […]

“Teacher! Teacher!”

When I first arrived at SB Overseas centre in Saida I remember feeling incredibly nervous. I had never really taught before and had no idea what to do with a room of twenty kids, let alone twenty kids who didn’t speak the same language as me. However, one of the senior volunteers quickly reassured me […]

Protecting migrant children, an event by the UN University

Being a migrant is not a crime, this is especially true with children, people tend to forget that a child is still that: a child. This was highlighted by Dr. Sandie Blanchet, Director of the UNICEF Office for Relations with the EU at an event on children in crisis, where she put the spotlight on […]