Spreading positivity through simple small messages

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30 Jul

Spreading positivity through simple small messages

Strung up along the wall in the teachers’ room in the Bukra Ahla centre you’ll find displayed a row of small colourful pouches and attached tags with the name of each teacher, staff and volunteer and English and Arabic.

These “Positivity Pouches,” as they have been coined, are an initiative of our resident psychologist Diala to encourage everyone who work together daily to share positive thoughts about each other at least every week. Whether anonymously or with signed admiration, the little notes are a reminder to notice and support one another.

While sometimes the days are long and classes are tough, taking some time out of the week to appreciate each other. By doing so, we are bringing the teachers, volunteers and staff who are working towards the same goal—but who perhaps seems very different from each other—closer together.

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