Finding a new home in Lebanon

13 Feb

Finding a new home in Lebanon

Every two months international volunteers come from all over the world to teach at SB’s non-formal education centres in Beirut or Saida, as they join our Lebanon Volunteering Programme.

Recently, some of our wonderful volunteers told us what they have enjoyed the most about their time in Lebanon. To them, it has become a new home full of new discoveries and where new friendships have blossomed.

Finding a new home in Lebanon

I love how everyone brings a little piece of home with them when they come. The volunteers and staff come  together and create an international community sharing their cultures and making Beirut feel like a crazy international home. 

– Elliot, from UK now living in Beirut

I feel really welcome and comfortable here because everyone is so warm, nice and helpful

-Fahimah, from Singapore, now living in Saida

Getting to know the Lebanese and Syrian cultures through daily adventures in the center and throughout the city. Buying manoush for lunch and eggplant from the local produce shop are both a must. In the flat we come together often through food and meals. 

– Alicia, from the USA now living in Beirut

Living with this community is amazing. We have met so many people, women in particular, who are taking care of us every day. Also, becoming closer to the students every day is very nice, and it was helped by the activities organised by SB, like the climbing trip or the snow trip, which got us to now each other more and get closer. In general, I’ve felt home since I arrived in Lebanon, I think thanks to the organisation and the people!

-Giulia, from Italy now living in Saida

The diversity of the city. As you go across the city you get to see everything condensed within a small place. It forces you to get out of your own bubble and allows you to understand the world better. You see the difference between Ard Jaloul and Achrafieh. It’s just a really eye opening experience.

– Kasia, from Poland now living in Beirut

I really love the relationships I am building with the other volunteers. My favourite part has to be our Wednesday movie nights. Every week we choose a movie (sometimes in English and sometimes in Arabic) and someone in the flat cooks us one of their favorite dishes. It is a really wonderful tradition that I hope continues with new volunteers. 

– Lara, from the USA now living in Beirut

My favourite part would have to be the food. Eating feta for breakfast, manoush for lunch, and sfoof as a midday snack. And of course sitting down for dinner with the rest of the flat. 

– Lise, from Belgium now living in Beirut

I have lived in Saida for two months. One of my favorite things about living here is that the people are very welcoming. We have got to know the locals who work in the sweet shop, and the coffee shop. They are very nice and they really encourage us with the work we are doing with the refugees. I also love that in Lebanon you can travel to the mountain, the sea, the countryside, the city… all within a few hours. Everything is on your doorstep. And having such a lovely place to live by the ocean… you always feel at home!

-Isabel, from UK now living in Saida

I’ve loved immersing myself in a world that is very different to my own. From the language, the music, to the food. I think its particularly enjoyable because I am doing it with a group of multi- national motivated and outgoing volunteers. We have really built ourselves a new home in such a short period of time and I will be sad to say goodbye to it when I have to leave. 

-Eddie, from UK now living in Beirut

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