‘Just married’: Child Marriage in Syrian refugee communities

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‘Just married’: Child Marriage in Syrian refugee communities

‘Just married’: Child Marriage in Syrian refugee communities

When you think ‘just married’, what do you think of? For me, I think of a banner strewn on the back of a car driven by two happy newlyweds. A happy thought, a happy day and a start to a happy life. Everything a wedding and marriage should represent.
However, for some, this is not the reality. Fooled by dreams of a fairytale wedding, many of our girls wake up to find themselves ‘just married’. Married to a man many years older than her. Impossible expectations placed on her.
In the last few months, we have shared a number of our stories. Stories of thirteen year olds whose future was stolen, of girls being beaten simply for asking for chocolate, divorced girls left to take care of a child when they are a child themself and those seperated from their child. We have spoken about the issue at the European Parliament and underlined the sharp increase in the practice from 13%  to 42% in our publication ‘Child Marriage: Stories from the Ground’, as well as in our video by Kevin Charbel.
Now, we are taking a new approach. We will be publishing our child marriage stories on a monthly basis in the form of a comic. The comics will be drawn by the talented Félix Brassier who produced videos including those documenting Dan Thompson’s Run in Arsal with SB OverSeas and our students celebrating Eid Al-Adha.
Want to get involved? We are looking for sponsors, publishers and any one else interested in raising awareness on this issue. Email Jade at hq.communications@sboverseas.org

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