Dan Thompson: runs 10km in Arsal

Dan Thompson: runs 10km in Arsal

Dan Thompson: runs 10km in Arsal

Dan Thompson from Run the World joined SB OverSeas in Arsal to carry out his mission of running 10km. He is currently undertaking the commendable challenge of running 10km in every country in the world in order to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

Some countries are a little bit more difficult to access than others. Syria for example. For that reason, he contacted SB OverSeas to see if he could do with us in Arsal, which is on the Syrian boarder.

After having done his run in Beirut on the Sunday, he joined us in Arsal on the Monday, 23rd July 2018. He began his run in the morning and was joined by some of our students. Afterwards, he gave a talk on the importance of sport.

Watch him live here.

Fingers crossed, we will join Dan when he does his 10km run in Belgium.

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