Volunteering with SB Espoir: Rashid

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Volunteering with SB Espoir: Rashid

Volunteering with SB Espoir: Rashid

Tell us about yourself
My name is Rashid, I am 31 and I am from New Zealand. I moved to Belgium about 5 years ago for work and I live in Brugge. I like meeting people, going out and getting some outdoors.
How did you get involved with SB?
Last year, I was looking to get involved with some volunteer work in Brussels as I felt there were a lot there and to dedicate my time to give back to the community and I came across SB OverSeas. I was very impressed with the work that they do and I was very much honoured to get involved and be a part of what they do in Brussels.
Favourite memory with SB?
I have many favourite memories during the weekend activities. However, in April this year, we got the opportunity to paint the walls of the Red Cross Center in Uccle. During the 4 weeks, some great artists inspired us. The staff and folks at the Uccle center all participated to put a piece of home on the walls that they see every day.
What do you find challenging?
Sometimes it can be challenging to motivate the kids to participate in our activities. Nonetheless, we pull them in and once they get involved they are full of energy and always involved.
Advice for a future volunteer?
It is great to meet people of all kinds at the centres or general volunteers that come by to give their time. There are no restrictions and everyone is there to have a good time.
Rashid is a volunteer with SB Espoir weekend program. Interested in spending your weekends with us? Click here to learn more. 

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