Volunteering with SB Espoir: Alexia

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Volunteering with SB Espoir: Alexia

Volunteering with SB Espoir: Alexia

Tell us about yourself?
I was born and raised in Brazil and I decided to move to Europe to study. I chose Europe mainly for the cultural diversity and it would be the perfect opportunity to travel around the continent and get to know different cultures.
How did you get involved with SB?
Volunteering is one of my passions. I had volunteered in my city in Brazil before and it was my favorite hour of the day to go teach English to those kids. So I decided I could also give a bit of my time in Belgium to help others. So I started searching for an organization and I came across SB.
Favourite memory with SB?
A sunny afternoon in Brussels when we decided to go play soccer in a park close to the centre in Uccle. Everyone had so much fun!
What do you find challenging?
Not to get too attached to the boys, as their stories are so touching and you realise how lucky you are for all you have and you want to do more for them and all the refugees.
Advice for a future volunteer?
Just do it! I recommend it! You donate a bit of your time but you gain so much more. The feeling you get while you are volunteering I am not able to put in words… You share your knowledge and time and you gain so much love and appreciation, also you learn so much from different cultures. I find it amazing!
Alexia is a volunteer at our SB Espoir weekend program. Want to join us? Click here

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