Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a community!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a community!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a community!

From the 1st to the 14th of February, our #HumansofSB campaign helped us all to remind ourselves and valorise the bonds and friendships that have shaped within the SB OverSeas family. Pictures of two people and a few words relating to their exchange between the two persons were shared across our social media to remind the whole community that blind of faith, nationality and political conviction we are a global network working towards a shared objective, bound by mutual respect and compassion.

SB OverSeas took the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to foster a sentiment of consolidation and team spirit among all members of the SB OverSeas family, especially for staff in Brussels, Saida, Arsal or Beyrouth. For the busy beings who work for SB OverSeas, it is easy to forget to stop and take in the fruits of the whole team’s labours and pay a tribute to the sacrifices and commitments made along the way. In what was for many a tough, cold and stressful month, with record temperature lows and long tiring days, the opportunity to value one another and to take a step back to admire all the unlikely and wonderful exchanges at SB OverSeas could not have come at a more opportune time.

The social exchange dimension, intangible as it may be, is perhaps among the most important parts of SB OverSeas. Beyond the more palpable relief efforts of giving food, clothing and necessities for survival to refugees, keeping morals high for both beneficiaries and SB teams is vital when surrounded by injustice and suffering. Indulging a conversation, a smile or a few broken words of encouragement in Arabic go a very long way to improving a person’s mental state in difficult circumstance. While couples in the West exchange gifts, at SB OverSeas we exchange encouragement, gratitude and faith in each other’s work to celebrate the results of our humanitarian efforts this Valentine’s day.

On behalf of the HQ team, a big thanks to the team on the ground for collaborating from afar and to all those who made submissions!

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