The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has impacted all communities; whether under strict quarantine in Italy or Spain, or enforcing social distancing and self-quarantine in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

There are however, often forgotten communities either receive no official guidance, or are completely in the dark. One of these communities is the hundreds of families of our students at the Burka Ahla centre that live in Shatila in Beirut, and the families living in the Ouzai Shelter in Saida, Lebanon.

Help us flatten the curve and provide awareness and sanitation materials to refugee families in Shatila and the Ouzai shelter.

COVID-19 Emergency Fund


Help us flatten the curve and provide awareness and sanitation materials to refugee families in Shatila and the Ouzai shelter.

A donation of 45$ provides one family (5 to 8 people) with:

  • Presentation about the coronavirus (symptoms, sterilization methods, reducing infection, etc.)
  • Temperature & symptom check of the whole family
  • Hygiene kits (Clorox & hand sanitizers)
  • Sterilization of the tent/place of stay


Protecting these families helps protect yours, and the health of the entire world

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Donation Total: €45,00

–  Latest Updates – 

Emergency COVID-19 support provided to families in Arsal camps

30 March 2020







This weekend our incredible team in Arsal began field visits to our community around our education and empowerment centre.
Over the next month and a half, the team will be visiting 700 families, providing them with…

  1. A presentation about the coronavirus (symptoms, sterilization methods, reducing infection, etc.)
  2. Temperature & symptom check of everyone in the tent
  3. Distributing hygiene kits (Clorox & hand sanitizers)
  4. Sterilization of the tent/place of stay

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Preparing for our awareness campaign in Arsal

27 March 2020







Today, our team in Arsal doing the final preparation and trainings before beginning our COVID-19 awareness visits. Suited up in their protective gear (full-body suits, masks & gloves) and equipped with training , the team will begin field visits to the families in the community around our centre, providing a 1-hour awareness session, sanitizer materials, temperature & symptom check over the next month and a half.

With the support of the Addax and Oryx Foundation, we will be supporting 700 families in our community that are vulnerable, most of whom are women, youth and children in our non-formal education and empowerment programmes.

We need your support to help families from our Saida and Beirut as well – please consider donating to support a family.

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A community of families in the dark – help us get COVID-19 response to Shatila

24 March 2020

The people in Shatila do not have any awareness of the COVID-19 coronavirus to face the risk of outbreak and the spread of the virus. Subsequently, they are not yet taking the issue seriously as it should be taken.

People still live their lives naturally and are not aware of the necessary measure of quarantining—life continues in Shatila though there is an apparent fear of something that is unknown.

The refugee families in Shatila suffer from a lack of medical and preventive supplies in addition to their lack of experience in dealing with viruses. For example, families do not have access to hand sanitizers or cleaning and antiseptic materials against viruses, therefore sterilization is not effective in this case. Shatila is a camp that houses well over 10,000 people (of the conditions in Shatila these people cannot isolate), meaning that an outbreak of this virus could lead to an uncontrollable spread that could impact not only the lives of those living in the camp but the entire country.

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Helping the most vulnerable – need for information & medical access at the Ouzai Shelter

23 March 2020

The shelter is home to 1,500 men, women, children and youth living in a 4-floor building, with one room for each family (typically 5-8 people) and a shared bathroom on each floor. Read more about the community in Saida in our report “Not Just A School.”

As a precaution, our education and empowerment centre in Saida has suspended operations, however, we continue to look for to support the community.

While the UNHCR and the Saida municipality have distributed material aid to the community including Clorox and hygiene kits, as well as implored them to not leave the shelter. Some of members of the community work in different cities in Lebanon and their continued mobility increases chance of  contracting the virus and bringing it to the shelter.

However, without proper information about the virus, the materials will not be as effective.

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We’re all in this together – help us flatten the curve & support refugee communities during this world-wide health crisis

21 March 2020

BRUSSELS, BE – As the world is facing a health crisis, it is natural for each person to focus on their own and their family’s personal wellbeing. However it is in times of crisis when we must see the true face of humanity. What the COVID-19 coronavirus has reminded us is that our wellbeing is reliant on the wellbeing of others – for our loved ones to be safe from this virus an entire community must take precautions. Measures like staying at home, social distancing, self-isolation and taking an abundance of caution when going out of your home only work when we do it together. At this time, we must remember the communities that are at most risk – those without a home, without safety, without the means to protect themselves.

This is the case for displaced communities all over the world. Families who have sought refuge in camps, shelters, squats, tents or on the side of a street are at most risk for contracting and spreading a highly contagious virus like COVID-19. While measures of protection that governments have taken apply to these communities as well, they continue to need extra support.

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