Students in Saida pass public school exams

27 Feb

Students in Saida pass public school exams

During the second week of February, many of our students had important exams in public school. As a result, the end of January and beginning of February were dedicated to revision in our center. SB staff and volunteers arranged a meeting with the teachers from the main public school our students attend. The volunteers were excited to visit the premises of the school where their students study every day, and meeting with the public school teachers was very informative. It essential for the teachers and volunteers to understand what is expected from their students.

This collaboration enabled teachers and volunteers to organize their lessons to prepare their students for the exams. Audrey, a volunteer from France, explains that she played all sorts of games with her Grade 2 students to review maths: “We played a bingo and a memory game to review the multiplication tables, they loved it! We also spent some time reading and remembering the key words they need to solve problems. Maths is not only about maths: it is also about English since understanding the questions is crucial.”

Maryam, a volunteer from the United Kingdom, helped her Grade 6 students with English. “My students were happy to go through the revision programme, they were very involved throughout the week! And I could definitely see the improvements, especially in terms of spelling.”

Overall, teachers and volunteers were satisfied with their classes. They were confident that the students would do great in their exams, and they did! Audrey is very proud of her students: “Most of them passed their tests, including those who have more difficulties”. Ahmad, an Arabic teacher from Syria, teaches Grade 2 as well and is also happy about how his students performed. “One of my students is the first student of her entire school in the first semester. I’m really proud of her!”

This presented another occasion for our students to prove that with hard work and dedication, everything is possible!

Written by Ysé, our team leader in Saida

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