SB OverSeas pays a visit to the Children’s Cancer Centre in Lebanon

24 May

SB OverSeas pays a visit to the Children’s Cancer Centre in Lebanon

Written by Nura Jaafar, Communications Officer and Project Development at SB OverSeas Lebanon

On the first day of Ramadan, a team from SB OverSeas visited the Childrens Cancer Centre Lebanon (CCCL) in Beirut. In light of the #GiveHope campaign, SB OverSeas was able to donate twenty of our handmade dolls as a gesture of goodwill to the children in CCCL.

In addition to the donation, the team organised a morning activity at the centre. We did handpainting with the children on a big #GiveHope poster. We made bracelets, which many of the parents liked and we sat with the children while they were colouring. It was wonderful to see the friendships that grow among the children who are in the centre and their genuine smiles.

We would like to thank the CCCL and their wonderful team for the inspiring morning. Do not forget to check out their website:
Funny fact: the CCCL also holds a Give Hope campaign, through which they insure monthly donations to continue their work.

Our Mulan Dolls are hand-crafted by the women who attend our 3 centres across Lebanon. Similar to the strong willed character in the Disney film, the dolls represent the intelligence and precision of the women who make them as well as the struggles that young girls face and their resilience to carry on and overcome these difficulties in spite of the challenging circumstances in which they find themselves. We encourage the girls to attend our centres where we offer a comprehensive programme that touches on important life skills regarding early marriage as well as literacy and empowerment lessons. We believe women and girls should be educated and have the power to make their own decisions.

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