Brighten their Future campaign enters “Inspiration” weeks

18 Dec

Brighten their Future campaign enters “Inspiration” weeks

Our Brighten Their Future campaign has been an enlightening experience for the SB OverSeas community. Our aim was to strengthen the link between our benefactors, most of which live in the West, and our beneficiaries on the ground. We did this by creating a 6 week countdown to the end of the year where we touched on the three pillars of SB OverSeas humanitarian programs each fortnight. During Education and Safety Weeks, we shared news, good and bad, about what was happening to displaced communities.

These weeks were an emotional rollercoaster, as we shared hard hitting content on the life-threatening circumstances of displaced communities and the joys of childhood and play during our International Children’s Day event. Each pillar was represented through art by Teacher Fedaa in Lebanon and her class of students, whereby beautiful original designs were made to represent Education, Safety and Inspiration. This art was made into Holiday Cards and these were sold in order to help fund the very theme they represented. All the way from Lebanon to Brussels, we also sent these original Holiday Cards to personalities in the European Parliament in the hopes to get a response to relay back to Lebanon.

For our final weeks of Inspiration, we are looking forward to sharing uplifting stories in time for the holidays about overcoming difficulties and remaining positive in the face of harsh realities. We are ending our Brighten Future Campaign on this message, that we are all different however we are all struggling with something, and our strength is in our ability to overcome perceived difficulties. This shared sentiment between benefactors and beneficiaries alike is our common ground, representing a space for persons on either side of political borders to build a foundation of understanding and mutual respect and cares.

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