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Emergency Aid


In Syria, the humanitarian situation grows more critical every week. Since 2013, we have organised collections of emergency items, and ensured their delivery into Syria, with the help of the brave Red Zone Team.


We organise regular collections of emergency goods such as food, clothes and other items donated by residents of Brussels and beyond, to send to people living in areas affected by conflict. We also collect raw materials, such as fabrics and school equipment, for use in our schools and women’s training centres.

With the help of our volunteers, we load these items into containers, and organise their shipment to the Middle East, destined for areas in Syria affected by the civil war, as well as in camps in Lebanon and Turkey.


Once the aid arrives in the Middle East, we organise their distribution to the most in need in camps and conflict zones. We are able to reach besieged and bombarded areas in Syria through the Red Zone team, who brave the worst of the conflict to help those who are most in need. In 2016, they have continued to deliver containers to Syria, even in areas where the conflict has been at its highest intensity.

In addition to donations of goods, we also collect and distribute emergency aid from other sources. We collect fresh fruit and vegetables from supermarkets, who would otherwise have thrown them out, and distribute them inside the camps. We also occasionally buy household items and give cash assistance to the most needy families inside the camps, most often those where the husband or father figure has been lost to the war.

Previously, our organisation also had a focus on medical aid, although delivery of medical supplies to Syria have become much more difficult in recent times. We have supplemented these supplies with projects to raise awareness among refugees and victims of conflict about prevention and treatment of diseases such as leishmaniasis and tuberculosis.

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