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Only a stone’s throw from the Syrian border: Syrian refugees have to overcome the hardest winter in Arsal, Lebanon

Redacted version of original. Read original here (in German). Merely a stone’s throw away from the Syrian border, Syrian refugees were getting through one of the hardest winters in the Lebanese town of Arsal. The hardest time of the year for those living in the mountainous region located by the Syrian-Lebanon border

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No Lost Generation: SB OverSeas calls for pledges from Syria-Brussels conference to be fulfilled

Last Thursday, SB OverSeas gathered in front of the European Commission in their #GiveHope t-shirts. Following the Syria-Brussels conference the week before, which brought together 86 delegations and over 250 NGOs to discuss how to support the future of Syria, we felt it was the perfect time to redraw attention to the situation

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L’événement d’échange de vêtements a été un grand succès

Il y a environ deux semaines, nous nous sommes retrouvés au café-librairie Piolalibri pour notre événement d’échange de vêtements. C’était une belle journée ensoleillée, il y avait des gâteaux, du vin et naturellement des vêtements. L’événement a été un grand succès et nous avons pu récolter 530 EUR, en plus d’une 

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